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Marine and Robotic Engineering (MaRE) provides an International Brokerage and equipment sourcing service to the underwater industry. As well as offering a procurement support service it also acts as a consultant on all aspects of diverless remote technology and associated marine operations.

International Brokerage

MaRE is the world’s leading source of used ROV and Survey equipment. Items are efficiently placed using brokerage lists, in-depth market knowledge and a high level contact network. DeepSearch and SurveySearch, our used equipment lists, highlight what ROV, Survey and other related equipment is currently available for sale within the market place.

Equipment and Services Sourcing

MaRE offers an equipment and spares sourcing service which efficiently supports ongoing underwater operations. MaRE can define and locate ROV and Survey equipment for specific projects.


Our Procurement service helps to provide on going support for operational systems.  We can quickly and reliably supply a wide variety of spares and equipment to most parts of the world.  Being based in Aberdeen, we have fast access to manufacturers and suppliers, and the delivery infrastructure to get it to your door when you need it.


MaRE provides consultancy on all aspects of underwater remote technology and often produces Valuation Reports on individual ROV Systems or entire fleets.